Spatial Domains

A Web Domain name serves as a way to identify Internet resources, such as computers, networks, and services. It is really just an address.

We need a solution that metaphorically AND literally “addresses” space. We need a three-dimensional or “spatial” domain.

Statefulness: a distributed ledger for identity and value

A Distributed Ledger-enabled and tokenized stateful web can reliably connect virtual and real-world spaces, track value, validate identity, and location while preserving privacy and data sovereignty.

HSPL: the Hyperspace Programming Language

HSPL or Spatial Contracts are “contracts as code”—programmable, automated and self-executing software that removes trade or service agreements from the realm of static documents that require constant human management and instead program them into the spatial interactions themselves so that contracts are executed by the correct action.


HSTP: a universal spatial protocol standard

Similar to how we link content and web pages on the Web today using HTTP,  HSTP is the solution for traversing the Spatial Web.

HSTP allows for “hyperporting” of users and Smart Assets between web spaces. “Hyperspace” links can be placed in one webspace that links to any information about anything or to another webspace.