Author of The Spatial Web

Gabriel René is a technologist, entrepreneur, author with a 25-year career in the Technology, Telecom and Media Industries specializing in emerging technologies like AR / VR / AI / IoT / DLT and their applications for industrial, fintech, govtech and global standards organizations.


As a deep technology pioneer, Gabriel has architected enterprise and consumer software and services in partnership with multiple Fortune 100 companies. He has worked with and advised many Fortune 500 like Verizon, Sony, Intel, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Yahoo, Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung, Universal, AT&T, Obama Campaign, Condé Nast, Elle Magazine, Cannes Film Festival and more.


As a C-Level Executive and Founder, he has demonstrated his unique leadership, strategic talent and operational skills in growing businesses from initial vision to global operations. As an Advisor and Board Member, he has helped multiple start-ups and founders navigate their way to success.


Mr. René serves as Executive Director of the Spatial Web Foundation, an organization developing standards for the ethical interoperability between Augmented and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Robotics and Distributed Ledger technologies designed to power the Web 3.0 era and dedicated to the ethical, interoperable and equitable adoption of Spatial Technologies across every major industry.