Thorough research experience

Maxwell James D. Ramstead is the Director of Research at the Spatial Web Foundation. He is an Honorary Fellow at the Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging in Imaging Neuroscience, which is part of the University College London ecosystem in the United Kingdom.

Robust education

Dr. Ramstead completed his Ph.D. at McGill University in Montreal, Canada in 2019, with frequent research visits to UCL in London, under the supervision of the world’s most cited neuroscientist, Professor Karl Friston (UCL), who invented active inference, and the eminent cultural psychiatrist Laurence Kirmayer (McGill).

Active inference expertise

His research specialization is in computational modeling of multiscale systems, especially human social and cultural systems. Dr. Ramstead is internationally recognized as a world-leading expert on the active inference computational modeling technique, which applies the principles of self-organization gleaned from the sciences of life and mind to design robust, adaptive social and artificial systems.

Nested Minds Network

Dr. Ramstead is head of research and leads a team applying active inference to power the spatial web. He is also the Founding CEO and Chairman of the Nested Minds Network, a hybrid research organization with significant international reach, comprising an academic research network (with over 120 active member researchers from across the world) and an artificial intelligence solutions studio, called Nested Minds Solutions, producing bespoke solutions for industry.